Friday, April 27, 2007

I did it ! OMG so excited !!!

Who watched biggest loser finale? It was sooooooooooooooo motivating !!! I think some of the eliminated contestents looked awesome...Sam looked great...and Jules looked so pretty...she has such a pretty face now its slimmed down..and omg how slim is mel? she looked awesome so did munalitta. And *swoons* jillian was she is SO spunky lol michelle looked pretty too i thought...very feminine. I recorded the finale and was so motivated by it all i downloaded a application for next year lol but i wont go in it.Anyway so yesterday i made a appointment at fernwood...and was very pleasantly suprised ! The grrl who ran slimplicity is gone (yay) and its now under new management. They do things differently now,,,i got given a membership book with some recipes and a exercise diary and other stuff in it. They also now do TWO orientation sessions. Anyway i told them the problems i had with slimplicity in the past and so they gave me 2 free sessions to give it another try. I may use it instead of ww meetings...mostly cos my life is so unpredictable and i could attend slimplicity easier...but thats a decision i will make down the track. Initially i joined for a PT and the classes and equipment. I know they are more expensive...but I am hoping if i really committ and get stuck into this it will really get my weight loss moving. They told me i only need to do weights with my PT which is more along the lines i thought especially with curves. so this week coming i have both orientation sessions...a PT session and a slimplicity session. My sister and her family are down on friday. Havent seen them with xmas so friday i will be spending the day with them which should be awesome. I am so very very psyched. They also said i should be able to do RPM classes and i will initially use the bike and cross trainer

I had a yummi lunch today...marinated chicken, roasted capscum, cheese, pesto sauce and spinich on focacia about to go point it...uh oh LOL

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Whoever I want to be said...

Good for you - Oh why don't you enter the biggest loser, how cool would that be..... we have not seen the latest Aussie one here yet.