Saturday, April 21, 2007

Okies...this may be a long post lol depending how munch i dribble on theres ya warning...firstly im gonna put a post i posted on the ww forum last nite...a lot may have read it already but some i know wont here goes....

okies this is a bit of a vent...okies a major vent...been off colour for a few days so called in sick to work today, had trouble getting in for a doc appointment so had to settle for a doc i dont like much (one who suggested i use optifast many years ago), anyway i go in there to talk about my heel pain and the fact im off colour...but of has become the norm 90% of the time was spent discussing my weight. So he looks at his records and goes last time u were here u were 150 kilos (both his scales only go up to 150 kilos) and i actually last time i was here i was around 170 he says get on the first scale...they show 149.7 and he goes i dunt know if thats correct or if thats cos the maximum they go to is 150 which i say they are wrong...i am 146.4 kilos on my scales at home and 142 kilos on my scales at the gym. So he gets me to go onto one of the old style scales that shows me as 147 kilos. He then says how much are u losing per week? I say..up till i joined the gym i was averaging .8 to 1.6 kilos per week to which he says "thats insignificant" my jaw hit the floor and i thought i was going to burst into tears. So i said...thats 800 grams EVERY week...he then bought up biggest loser and how much they are which i replied i have been told by ww that 800 grams is a healthy weight which the almighty doctor says "oh you are obviously doing it very slow" i am so mad! No wonder the obesity levels are so high in this country when someone who is doing something about their weight is made to feel a inch tall and left feeling like i had to justify myself ... i felt no different to the days when i lived on kfc and was sick every week. How on earth does this country plan to batttle obesity when SOME of this countries doctors cannot give educated and realistic answers and support??? I walked out to pay the receptionist and was so trying not to cry...the other frustrating thing is ... maybe there is a grain of truth i have only lost 24.5 kilos in 9 months...i really thought within this first year i would lose in excess of 40 kilos but i cant see that happening. It is so annoying and hes just bought questions that were at the back of my mind to the forefront...i wish there was somewhere that gave u guidelines for what you should expect at different ages & weights...i know the .5 to 1 kilo is what we are told is a healthy weight loss...but at 146 kilos should i be losing more each week? I have half a mind to write to the AMA about it lol...anyway im sorry for venting...just knew if there was one place people would get where i was coming from...was here as you prolly gathered i was mad. Well partly i was humiliated...but another part of me is damn angry. How many times i go to and there is a story about obesity...and the doctors...the doctors medicare pay give such crap support and advice. I will not lie...last nite i considered getting kfc (yes i am the princess of emotional eating LOL) but i didnt...i ended up having some lite fish and oven fries...and calming down watching this weeks gilmore grrls. But i am mad and annoyed at the advice given,,,today or tomorrow im going to draft up a letter and email it to the SA branch of the AMA.

Anyway when i woke this morning i had a peek at the scales...and soemone said in the comments i must be able to taste the 25 kilos...WELL this morning i was a measley 100 grams of it !!! i am so determined to have a awesome loss this that doctor can really blow it out his earhole ! lol My wireless connection with big pond is being a ass so i need to update it...also anyone who i havent new email address is

Okies time to get off the puter ! bye all !

PS i think im gonna email kerry phelps too ! a sister ! LOL

I also forgot to say ive been messaging with a couple of girls at the pink sofa...


Whoever I want to be said...

"maybe there is a grain of truth i have only lost 24.5 kilos in 9 months..." what do you mean you have ONLY lost 24.5 kilos that is an awesome effort girl!!!!!!! I don't want to hear that ONLY word again when it comes to your weightloss.....

Jaxx :)

Tania said...

WHAT A CROCK OF SH*T!!! Honestly Kazz if this was said to ANYONE else you'd be the first to see it as that so put yourself on the outside and look at these comments as what they are.

Firstly I think you're doing the right thing by writing a letter of complaint regarding his attitude, he shouldn't be able to get away with that attitude towards people.

Secondly while I love The Biggest Loser I think anyone knows it's not reality - I mean these people on this show are living in a controlled environment with NO temptations or exposures to take aways or any other factors that could influence their weight loss efforts and they have nothing to do all day but exercise - it would be a bit of a worry if they DIDN'T lose big amounts of weight every week.

Thirdly we all have been on the Weight Watchers roundabout where we KNOW that 500 grams - 1kg a week is healthy weight loss that is more likely to stay off for longer. Hell, we've even been disappointed a number of times to be told it because we didn't want to believe that's all we'd lose.

I first joined WW 5 years ago this August and maybe I should be at goal too, I mean 70kgs over 5 years only amounts to a lousy 260 grams a week so you could say that should have been easy to achieve but there are so many things that get in the way.

I remember when we first met all those years ago when weight loss was such a big factor of our lives, and still is! I've seen you go through a lot of highs and lows but I have to say catching up with you for dinner on Wednesday night was like catching up with a different Kazz - your whole demeanour seems so much different, you're achieving your results and you're so much happier don't let ANYONE take that away from you!

Keep this doctors comments in the back of your mine and use it to achieve that 25kg goal - then the 30kg goal and then think ahead to the next BBQ/event/night out that's planned and no doubt you'll be the first one there waiting for it to begin!

Ok - off my soap box now, I was just trying to see if I could make my comment longer than your post ... lol

Anne said...

I would challenge that doctor to lose 6kg in one week like the people on the Biggest Loser. Well actually he is a Big Loser without losing any weight! How dare he harrass you like that. Stuff him i reckon!!! Unless someone has a weight problem there is no way they could ever understand how hard it is to overcome.

The weight you have lost so far is not a drop in the ocean. It is a significant amount. You are not so much losing weight as developing new habits that you can maintain for your whole life. Optifast is shit...i did it for months and while i lost weight it taught me NOTHING about eating in a healthy manner. It taught me to look forward to real food. A diet like that is not sustainable and i put the whole amount i lost plus another 20kg.

I would say to you that it is important that you find a doctor who can support you as a person and not look down on you like this idiot.

Just keep going the way that you are now and you will get there!!


MissXXL said...

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Doctors like him piss me off!! I agree 100% with what you have written. Allot of the doctors get disgusted with fat patients. I have to go see a doctor soon and I am terrified of what he is going to say to me!
Write the letter! And screw him, youre doing just fine with your weight loss and you wont gain it back!