Friday, April 20, 2007

well blah im sick. Just a lil off colour. Of to the docs in a couple of hours and im gonna get them to look at my heel again, anyway as im sick im obviously not going tonite. But I did sign up for full membership at pink sofa and i will make attempts to chat to some local people :)

I weighed in lost 500 im back at a total loss of 24.5 kilos. And tomorrow morning i am off to the gym. Not a lot else to say,,,, enjoy your weekend all


airlie said...

yay! SO CLOSE TO 25KGS! and yay! joining pink sofa is a huge step! awesome work!

Erica said...

Sooooooo close to 25kg I bet you can almost taste it. I'm sure you'll smash it at next weigh in!

Erica xx