Thursday, April 19, 2007

mmmmmmmm i love mexican !!!!! LOL me n tania went out for dinner last nite and we ended up going to Montezumas a mexican restuarant yummii prolly not what i really should have eaten but it was a good nite so im all happy (gotta love that cheese dip eh tania? lol) i weighed this morning and the scales still looking pretty good. And i am off to curves this afternoon so not too concerned. And after curves i then have to dash off to do the grocery shopping so busy busy nite tonite...BUT the good news is....... tomorrow friday ! OMG i so cannot wait to sleep in till 8am ish on saturday morning. I am seriously contemplating on going out with grrls from the pink sofa friday nite...talked about it last nite with tania and she gave me lots of good reasons why i should do it this big decisions...hopefully i wont chicken out (but heh prolly will knowing me !)

Okies im offfffffffffffffff


Tania said...

NNNNNOOOOOOOOO - you're not allowed to chicken out! You said yourself that most of them don't know each other so this is the best opportunity - next time around they might all have been in touch regularly and therefore you'll feel even more like the odd one out! Just make sure you have a couple of drinks before you go - I will be checking back over the weekend to make sure you did it!

Anonymous said...

that con quesa cheese dip from that restaurant is to die for!!!!!!!!!!! yummy!

yeah - go out!