Sunday, April 29, 2007

Well i did change my first orientation session to 7am...lawdie can u believe it? i was talking to mum last nite after work and saying how i wanna start going to the gym at that time regularly. We got shown our new roster flow which starts in 3 weeks and it has a lot more earlier shifts. Only 3 weeks out of 8 will i be working evenings so it shouldnt be too hard to getinto the habit of in bed by 10.30pm-ish (i do this often anyway) that would make me nearly normal ! LOL i remember this time last year and the majority of the last 4 years i had worked a shift 3.45pm-11.45pm tuesday - saturday...which meant i ahd no fridays or saturday nites off...and never woke before 11.30am ish. Even thos i worked till 8pm last nite i was still up at 9am. Admittedly i stayed up till about 12.30am but tonite ill go to sleep within a couple of hours of getting home and BOOM up early and off to the gym. I am actually looking forward to it. Until youve done your two orientation sessions u cant work out. So have to do this one then on thursday i have the second session PLUS my PT sessions. So this weeks gym plan is :

Monday : orientation
Thursay : orientation + PT session
Saturday : slimplicity session + cardio workout

And next week i ahve tuesday and wednesday off so im planning to do some classes then ! Tuesday ill do body balance and wednesday this week is a build up 3 times per week...the following week tho will be minimum 4 times.

Okies well since im such a wicked thing i gotta work today *ugh* so off i go to earn me some money ! lol have a good sunday all !

*~* Chapter Two starts tomorrow *~*

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