Monday, April 30, 2007

Well where was i at 6.50am this morning? yep u guessed it ! The gym ! i did my first orientation session and it was great, the girl who i did it with is a physiotherapist so she gave me exercises and info to help with my heel too. She showed me to use th treadmill, bikes and rowing machine. Ive never used the rowing machine...i was rather impressed with that. She actually ended up putting it on level 9! and i was maintaining 70 watts...level 9 is the second highest it goes too. She was quite impressed with my fitness level so all this exercising has been helping me. And she showed me how to do interval training on the bike,,,,and in the end she wrote up a 30 minute cardio plan for me. Which is:

Warm up on bike - 5 minutes
Interval training on bike - 5 minutes
Rowing machine - 5 minutes
Interval training on bike - 10 minutes
Cool down on bike - 5 minutes

So that gives me 30 minutes and its not on one machine doing the same thing for long (i tend to get bored easily lol) at my next orientation session she said i will learn to use the cross trainer and stepper and can add them in to give me a 40 minute cardio session each time. So i feel really next session is on thursday...then i can start just going in and using the machines once i done both orientation sessions and i am REALLY going to aim for 5 sessions per week cos the said thats what i really need to do for weight loss...mite even go do a session before seeing my sister friday morning...okies gonna scoot byesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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Livy said...

Where do you get your motivation from? Fantastic effort!