Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bloody hell...ive been exhausted all exhausted eyes feel so darn heavy but i cant is up with that????

work was really good today...wont go into the why's of it ... but it was! LOL

Has anyone read the virginia andrews books? i read them as a teen and got a hankering to reread them...went to borders the other day....and flowers in the attic was bloomin $21.99 anyway i have a great site for buying books online managed to order the first 3 books in the series for $27 GO ME!!!

Had a double PT session tonite....omg i was so tired during it...she is starting to make me jump! LOL....fiona was like we are gonna do burpees...i was like...i cant LOL...fiona was like i knew u would freak out...but you will do them against a i did them and thought i would die! LOL while im pretty fit these days...apart from the fact i know my iron is low at the moment what with TOM and blood loss from the surgery just 2 weeks ago...but ive not done much jumping in my training...i can see it starring in my sessions a lot Then she had me do mountain climbers...and fiona has adjusted my form more so when i do it (you are kinda in a pushup position on your toes) she wants me now leaning over my arms more so my arms are directly under my chest...yeh i really didnt like that and was all like "i cant do that" lmfao...well i did it and fiona was super impressed she was like omg you are not far off doing them on the floor .. i think my response was suppose to be YAY lol.

Its friday tomorrow and i cant bloomin wait. Tomorrow nite im planning a nice hour long walk after work...before a evening of relaxing with the big bang theory.

Right i just mite try to fall asleep again...till tomorrow!

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