Monday, October 25, 2010

I have finally made a exciting decision. Cant really discuss it just yet but will over the next few days :)

When i went to the gym tonite...i went and got changed and my goodness i was stunned by how loose my gym pants are! I then did body combat...and i discoverred something....i can move from side to side with jumping and my knees handled it perfectly i was really impressed!! It was a bloody hard class tho lol and part way thru i got the bloody stitch!!! I then went to do my PT session with fiona...part way thru...sarah who is a trainer and the gym and fionas best friend was sitting near us and fiona goes "oh sarah wanted me to tell you you look amazing" i was like well tell her thanks altho shes only over there i could say thanks...and sarah then yells out...every time i see you you look skinnier....your a skinny bitch! lol Anyway in 1 and a quarter hours i burnt 830 calories....fab effort!!!

Tomorrow is weigh in...ill be back with my results tomorrow nite...have a good nite all!!!

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