Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I weighed in today...was a lil weird...last week my scales said 108.8...and this morning they said 107.7 and when i got home they were only at 108 kilos...but the gyms scales showed a loss of only 300 grams and that i weigh 108.8 kilos. Regardless its still a loss and as i got TOM today....i seriously cant complain...but a loss of a kilo like i expected would have been nice. REgardless my total loss is now 62.1 kilos...my body fat in the last month has also dropped by 1.5%. Eve said even if someone is doing all their exercise and spot on with food she would only really expect me to drop a maximum of 1% over a month....so 1.5% is excellent. The other good thing was it was my 7th loss in a row.

Did body pump tonite...i am seriously exhausted tonite...i think after the blood loss from the surgery and then less then 2 weeks later to have my cycle i think its leaving me a lil drained. So with that said im off to watch NCIS and have a early nite....enjoy all

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