Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Well after all my worrying and whatever i friggin lost when i weighed in tonite! LOL Lost 700 grams and my body fat dropped by 0.8% (now down to 43.8%) I took my food diary for the last week into eve and she was like...theres nothing your doing wrong...she only suggested maybe try having turkey occassionally but apart from that she thinks my eating is perfect. She did ask me whether i have been tested recently for my thyroid and vitamins and minerals etc...and i think i mite talk to the doc on thursday about that. I have to go to get a letter of "general health" from my doc for my pre op appointment...and i think i will chat to them about my weight loss...also (as i think i mentioned) i have had very dry lips lately and woke up saturday nite dying of thirst...to get my hydration back to normal i drank nearly 6 litres of water on sunday!!! 3 litres yesterday...which for me is a huge amount ... so as with anyone who has PCOS the likelihood of diabetes is raised i mite also get my sugar levels checked as well. I dont expect anything to be wrong but just would prefer to cover my bases.

In my discussion with eve too i have decided to put the scales away for the moment. I will just weigh at the gym. In relation to the goals...its quite likely i wont hit double digits by xmas ... so with that in mind...ive decided i wont just give up on it happening i will still work towards it...but ill also set a few other goals...one is to run 5km by xmas day...the other is to get under 35% body fat by xmas. I am currently 43.8% and i seem to lose constantly with the body fat so i think its a goal i can reach. Even better would be to get under 30% by xmas day but i think thats dreaming a bit! LOL

Did the cycle class tonite...unfortunately the normal trainer wasnt there :( The normal trainer is awesome and i really like her class...lots of variety (plus i am a creature of habit!) The girl we had tonite was fine altho not much variety...but she was no jeanette!! LOL

In relation to C25k i will start it properly 10 days after the surgery...no point starting it this week when the surgery is next week...so once im 100% over the surgery will do it then (only expect to really be laid up for 4 or 5 days and then ill be back at the gym!)

Not much else to post...good day all round...enjoy your wednesday all!


To Band or not To Band? said...

See? Nothing to worry about : P

the tomorrow girl said...

Hi Kazz, I just read that you have PCOS. I have this aswell and just wondering if you take any supplements for it?
And have you noticed your symptoms disapear as you've lost the weight? :)