Thursday, October 07, 2010

Well i was asked about my PCOS and how my weight loss has helped that and as i was at the docs today to get a letter of "general health" seemed a good time to write about it.

Prior to losing weight (at 170.9 kilos) i would only have a cycle about every 7 months...the last year or so when my weight was the was basically a case of blink and you missed it. As i have lost the weight i have now come to a 29 day cycle (that never happened before not even as a teen) Most of the symptons like hair loss and acne have subsided for me. But the facial hair has made no improvement...but i control it so no major drama. When i went to the docs today he pulled up the blood test i had done in august...told me cholesterol and glucose levels are perfect...vitamin and mineral levels all normal...thyroid is fine...and the fact i have PCOS, depression and migraines and take no daily medication he was super impressed about. As a side note i have not had any migraines since July 09.

At the gym today sarah one of the trainers (who teaches RPM among other things) says to me..."how many calories do you burn in RPM" like only 400...she was like yeh me too...and i was like i was surprised cos i go pretty hard i thought it would be higher....she was like...yeh ive watched you i know you go hard. Anyway had RPM tonite...thought okay lets ramped this up a i went HARD lol at the end sarah is like how did u go? i was watching and u were going harder...i was like 550 calories!!! Woot Woot!!!

I also did a hour of boxing with fiona today...she discussed with me about writing a "goal plan" for between now and xmas...timing couldnt be better...i told her i liked the idea and that id like to set some fitness goals and also some non "number on the scales" goals. Part of it will also be scheduling in all my activity...merely cos it will give me accountability....part of me suspects fiona mite make me cut back a bit when she see's how much i do. I know one of the goals will be about pushups ... i think she is also going to set some fitness tests which we will do week 1 and then the week before all is good!

Effie i will definitely post when i start the 30 day shred! That would add some accountability - so thanks!

Fiona and i also discussed how my weight loss has slowed down and why...she thinks it NEEDS to be a bit of a roller coaster...the whole time she was saying that i was like but i want a straight downhill line lol she was like i know if ur head you do but it will be up and down. She also long as i know im doing the right thing...following my plan then its all good but she definitely agrees i need to focus on things that arent the scales.

Okies off to the pre op appointment in the morning then busy busy day!! Enjoy all!!!


Effie said...

Is RPM the bike class, I think it is also called Studio cycle and Spin??

If it is I have done it a couple of times but it is sooo hard, but I didn't realise that you burnt so many calories doing the class, maybe I should give it another go! The seat is also a killer - I have recently found out that all our bikes have male seats which I find weird because Fernwood is a female gym. Maybe that's why the seats hurt so much? xx

the tomorrow girl said...

Thanks for sharing your journey Kazz and answerng my questions. :)
Ive fallen off the band wagon over Winter and im just starting to get back on and you truly are an inspiration. :)