Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I was asked about RPM classes the other day then forgot to reply...oops!!! I did my first RPM class about 18 months ago and SUCKED!!! I didnt have enough fitness or strength...and struggled with the parts of the class where you stand and cycle. After about 6 months of fiona and sarah (one of the RPM instructors) nagging me to do RPM lol i went and tried it again a few months ago...on average i burn 400 calories in it unless i go hard like i did last week...thats the good thing about the class you can make it as hard as you like with the resistance. Probably 70% of the class is cycling while sitting and 30% is cycling while standing. The studio cycle classes are a lil different...they arent les mills classes so they are free style and will depend on the class instructor...my instructor for that class is Jeanette and she is AWESOME...the class is a lot harder prolly only 30% if that sitting...but theres more variety...riding one legged...sprinting...in speed racing position standing and sitting...the freestyle class is my favourite class to be honest. I would recommend trying it...if u dont like it just sit in the corner and cycle (the lights are dimmed so u arent aware really of others around you)

Well the last two days i changed things slightly...i keept to 1600 calories and kept my sugars under 90 grams...and TA-DA by my scales was 109.8 kilos this morning...so im expecting (hoping) for a loss of around 500 grams on eves scales today...that said...im weighing at lunch time after doing 2 classes so not sure how this will affect them..but regardless i know im on the right path.

Two days till surgery...i have been having some bad jaw pain for the last 4 or 5 days...i forgot i use to get this when younger from grinding my teeth when stressed...so i figure im stressing about the surgery...3 days and it will be all over and done with.

OKies thats enuff...will be back tonite with my weigh in results!

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