Sunday, October 10, 2010

I jumped on the scales last nite and had gone up by 500 grams. So i have decided to decrease my calories. I have played around with them so many months and really am not making much headway. Ive had everything from 1650-2000 calories with no massive movement (only a kilo or two) so i have decided to drop down to 1600 calories...if that doesnt get things moving enuff i will try 1500 calories. These scales NEED to get moving!!! Of course this week with the surgery i wont be obsessing too much about them...but until wednesday will stick to 1600 calories. Im also looking forward to writing this goal plan with fiona which will take me to xmas and hopefully xmas morning i can wake and think weee look what i did!!! Even tho the scales are being stubborn at the moment i really cant be too unhappy when i look at the latest photo...i definitely feel like i can see a slim healthy person emerging.

Working today and tomorrow....then 6 days off. Two days that are actual days off then the surgery and 3 more days of R & R to recover.

Anyway not much else going on...have a fab sunday !

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