Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fiona asked me the other day now that i am not weighing everyday do i feel like a junkie itchy to weigh? LOL must admit i bloody do!!! Im terrified of getting on those scales on tuesday arvo and having a gain. Apart from when i had that lil over dose on cheese (lol) i have been very good.

Had my pre op appointment yesterday...all went very good...they were very impressed that i was down 20 kilos since they weighed me in december! My blood pressure was good to...107/61...turns out tho its not day surgery i will be staying in hospital overnight (mostly due to my low iron...they did blood tests yesterday to ensure they know my blood count etc in case i need a blood top up if i bleeed too much) but now i know whats going on they have explained everything im pretty cool. I ring up wednesday arvo to find out my admission times...hopefully its a bright and early start cos that will give me more recovery point wasting half a day waiting around for the surgery.

Not a lot else going on...working today and hurry up 5pm lol i need some downtime!!!! lol

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