Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a good day!!! Got a sleep in...got to speak to jody on skype for a bit. Then headed into the gym. Did fionas boxing class first...thing when you do your trainers class is you get a bit of attention!! lol but is also good cos she knows my injuries etc so when we were doing something she knew was a issue she just came and gave me something else to do lol Then i went and did body balance...after the class i was on the treadmill and bec the body balance instructor came up to me and told me i seem to really be getting the hang of body balance and she can see some definite differences :) Then i went and weighed in and LOST 1.3 kilos!!! I am now starting to think my scales arent real reliable lol My body fat did go up but she thinks thats due to hydration levels due to the hot weather we had yesterday and the face i had done 2 hours of exercise before weighing in LOL So i am using the gyms scales now since they are more reliable so by there scales im now officially 110.1 kilos so 60.8 kilos lost.

Not much else to say...enjoy ur tuesday all!!

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