Thursday, October 21, 2010

So went to the gym tonite...fiona was like...where u saw after monday? I was like nope (may have told a fib there! lol) i was like and i wanna do weights tonite...she was like well we will ease into it...i was like no i wanna go hard core lmfao! So we start doing stuff...and shes like i have had clients 3 weeks after this type of surgery they still arent doing their full exercise program and complaining of pain hehe. Then we go on the leg press...she has me doing 5 single leg presses on 45 kilos...then 5 small pulses (killers) then repeat 2 more times and swap legs. So i am doing it...then she tells me your the only person who does 1 legged pulses! lmfao!! Then sarah one of the other trainers walks past and fiona goes..."one legged leg presses with pulses on 45 kilos" sara was like i could do that then laughs LOL then as she walks away she was legs hurt just thinking about that! LOL..i told fiona in no uncertain terms having me do that exercise is VERY rude hehe

She talked to me a lil about my goals...and the big focus will be the 10 pushups on my toes. I said to her i dont expect ill meet that goal...she was like you will...they just mite not be army precision but we can continually work on the depth of them. I felt good at the gym...fiona doesnt heap praise on me as a rule...she knows i dont take compliments etc well...but it was really nice to realise how strong i really am. I also told her i wanna start doing weights twice a as from this week...monday and thursday weights...saturdays is boxing.

I also have been thinking i mite take some pics of my legs and stomach, partly to simply document where my excess skin is at this point...the other is cos i do get asked for a bit about my excess skin. i honestly believe in paying it forward...and know once at goal at the VERY least i will create a site with my story...sometimes i think i should create a group on FB specifically for my weight loss maybe one day! LOL

OKies im off to watch some tv...and yip yip yay its friday tomorrow!!!


Effie said...

I have never even heard of 1 legged leg presses - I might have to give it a go. I will have to start on about 5kg though and see how I go.

Well done on getting back to the gym so quickly. You truly are an inspiration :)

Natalie said...

Isn't being strong great? Back in the day (around 22 years ago) I used to flat with 2 male bodybuilders and I trained with (and like) them in the gym. I was incredibly strong and loved it :-)