Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Well yesterday I only lasted a few days at work before going home. My cycle is due in 9 days so i was cramping from that plus i had a sore tummy from the surgery...after a few years i gave up...came home and slept before going and weighing in last nite.

Still wrapped about my weigh in result...not only that i lost 8.5cms over the last two i was impressed! Even better the centimetres mostly came off my hips, upper and lower thighs and arms. Today i have rested...but tomorrow is a week since the surgery so its back to normal as of weights with ms fiona tomorrow nite...then ill do the C25k week 1 day 1. Its nice feeling better and having my routine back and being back to normal again. Will be very interesting to see what happens with my cycle this month.

Saturday nite im going to a golden dance!! weeeee!! i havent been to one for a few im looking forward to will put a colour in my hair saturday arvo and hopefully buy a nice cute top and maybe some jeans to wear :) This weekend i am also planning to make some cupcakes...they are a recipe by curtis stone...only 100 calories each...they made them on biggest loser and all devoured them!

Im downloading the latest biggest loser episode at the moment so that will be tonites plans! Pretty impressed with my eating lately too...i have settled nicely into 1600 calories...i have had dinner...2 snacks today...big dinner...and i still have 183 calories left! Woot!!

OKies off i go...enjoy ur wednesday all!!

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