Monday, October 18, 2010

YAY this morning i was 108.7 kilos on my scales (yeh i know i told my nutritionist i wouldnt weigh but we discussed it last week and i simply need to weigh daily lol) so at the very worst this week i should stay the same but with luck ill have a actual loss...but considering i have done NO exercise and the surgery etc im gonna go pretty easy on me. Altho even a 100 grams loss would be nice as that would mean 5 losses in a fingers crossed.

Back to work this morning....then tonite to the gym....i will walk on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes and do some light cardio with fiona and thats all. Tomorrow nite i will try the cycle class but ill tell the instructor i had surgery and so if i get to sore or anything ill just sit and cycle...i think tho i should be fine as that will be day 5 since the operation and they only said no heavy exercise for a week lol

Not much else to reporrt...will be back tomorrow nite at the latest with this weeks weigh in result...enjoy ur monday all!

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Effie said...

You are so good getting back to the gym already. Good luck with your weigh in!