Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am definitely feeling a bit better today. My stomach still feels heavy...but going by mums scales i appear to have lost about 800 grams of fluid over night and my stomach is much softer much more like it normally is! LOL so thats a good sign...did get up about 3 times overnight so obviously that means things are getting better...that said i do feel quite good...not 100% of course...but close...and to be honest cant wait for friday when my week of "no lifting and no heavy exercise" is over and i can get stuck into my normal routine.

Back to work tomorrow and gym after work...ill just do some slow walking on the treadmill...ive spoken to fiona we wil just look at the goal sheet and then do some light cardio.

Ive been staying at mums this whole time...yesterday went out for a drive with them and we stopped in a few garage sales...that was good got me out...without having to walk a heap. I got a few goodies as well...a ricecooker, a knife block set, some small ramikens, a chinese dinner set, some books, a couple of some nice lil things. And bigger bonus mum is going to give me her old sewing machine! Just gotta wait for mum to buy a new desk then im getting her current desk (which is my old desk) plus the machine so YAY thats super exciting :)

Not much else to say...enjoy your sunday everyone :)

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