Saturday, October 30, 2010

Its funny how things can be going great...your confidence can be growing then bang you take a step backwards.

Today was great this morning...during PT i did the leg press...but one legged ;) did it at 50 kilos with 20 pulses at the end (expecting sore legs tomorrow lol)...the whole session was great actually and with each session like that i feel my confidence grow a lil more with the "i can do this" falling more and more into place. I then did my final session for Week 1 of C25k...and breezed thru it and then did body balance...each week there is the odd thing in that class i find easier. :)

I went to katies after bought me a new long sleeved tshirt (only $9.95 and a real pretty pink colour) then came home and relaxed.

THEN i went looking at flights to streaky for xmas time...the dates i looked at there is hardly any seats available :( i cant book yet as i dont know the exact dates as my sis and family will be over here the weekend of the 19th for my mums hubbys retirement/65th birthday party and im not sure when they will be back in it will be a few weeks before i will have the money. Which makes me suspect i may have to take the bus...last time i took the bus is 2 years ago...coming home a woman came and sat next to me i had my ipod on and didnt realise initially what was going on....but she was saying she didnt want to sit next to me as there wasnt enuff space (this woman was relatively big too) she kept trying to sit in a different seat...the driver told her if u dont wanna share next time buy 2 was beyond humiliating...and yes two years ago i weighed about 30 kilos more then i do now...but i carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs...yes my top half has shrunks heaps and i have a relatively small waist now (in comparison to the rest of me). For months and months now i havent had to worry about fitting into chairs...or breaking chairs for that matter doesnt happen...but sitting on a 10 hour bus trip in this situation brings out every damn insecurity in me.Anyway thats my vent at the moment...4 years later and STILL the thought of having to share a bus seat stresses for some sleep nite all

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Lea said...

Hi Kazz,
Can understand your feelings, as I am in the same boat, but you are doing great.