Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Well its been a few days eh?

Lets see...sunday i went and met up with sam, jo and martine from ww for lunch at the markets. was lovely...i had kung po chicken and fried rice...and WATER lol. The girls all said they could see a difference which was lovely (admittedly it had been over a year since i had seen sam! lol) but it was real nice sitting around chit chatting. Then came home and BOOKED my flight to streaky!! so i flight out on december 23 (at bloomin 7.10am) but am very relieved i wont have to deal with a 10 hour bus trip...if the seat is squeezy on the plane at least its only 90 minutes.

Then monday i woke...i couldnt balance myself or focus properly and had the worse nauseas and throwing up...ended up ringing mum and telling her i needed her to come to the docs with me (i was really worried id faint in the waiting room) turns out i have a inner ear infection...i was off work yesterday and today...im still taking meds for the nausea....but will go back tomorrow...apart from a headache the nausea tablets keep everything at bay...and i will skip the gym tomorrow nite too...hopefully by thursday ill be all okay...if im still needing the nausea meds on friday ill go back to the docs then...i do feel a lot better...altho this morning when i woke was a bit rough...but took the meds and the nausea settled down. Ive never had anything like this before...and it was really revolting...ended up spending last nite at mums as i really was worried about falling and hurting myself...but things are on the improve now.

As i was at mums i didnt weigh in this morning...but will tomorrow morning...im expecting a loss...(maybe not a big loss but a loss all the same) this will be the 8th loss in a row (presuming it is a loss) so fingers crossed!

Anyway thats about all in the non exciting life that is mine! LOL Enjoy your day all =]

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