Sunday, December 27, 2015

Time to climb some stairs!

Well im starting to sleep in too much! 10am this morning lol

Today we went out and saw a few more tourist sites...including lots of stairs! LOL


I finished reading Khloe Kardashians book...was a great read!

This morning i logged on to youtube and checked out the people i follow....a lot of them are online personal trainers....some train people in bikini comps....some just meal planning....and some are both meal planning and exercise workouts. Anyone ive always been keen to get it thru one of them to get a idea of a starting point for my anyway as a christmas "gift" one was offering it free for 30 days that you can cancel if you wish not to continue after the first 30 days. So its not the exercise i need help with...I know at my current weight i just need to move doing a mix of cardio, strength and flexibility work. So i got the meal planning...which it is personalised and i should receive in the next 24-48 hours...i doubt ill keep at it long term...i more was interested in the starting point :)

One of the other things i thought about when climbing those stairs today was how....i dont push myself at the gym sister was saying how my niece had to hold a plank at school one day this year before being allowed to do something....whenever i get told to do a plank....i think...oh 30 seconds is respectable...i just do a exercise till its "acceptable"....i go thru the sessions just going thru the paces instead of thinking i want to do 100% best.....of how each individual exercise is reshaping me and benefitting me....

Tonight for dinner is home made butter chicken (670 calories) made from scratch in my sisters thermomix...super looking forward to it!


Tranquility road said...

Sounds like you need a thermomix

Do you reckon you would get one?

Anonymous said...

lol...I would consider it....maybe with my bonus in June :)

Tranquility road said...

I reckon it would be an worthwhile investment :-)