Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Its not complicated

Well i didnt post last night! Slack ass I am :(

Yesterday we ventured to the beach where i got a tad of sunburn (ok a lot of sunburn) specifically on my thighs and feet. I have since been lathering them in aloe :) Then last night we went out for dinner....I had carbonara (basically to end the holiday LOL) was very delishus tho.

Today has been adventurous....and shocking to say the least. So today I flew home. Was a hours drive to the airport...we had some lunch then I got on the plane. Well its a smaller plane. The seatbelt did up (just) but i literally had to squeeze myself into the seat...it was like the seat had a muffin top. The left arm rest dug in me the entire trip and the right arm rest didnt go completely down. So I was so uncomfortable and thinking I am not taking another flight till i am under 100 kilos. Then in the skinny aisle the hostess had to push the drink cart....as she came to go past me i could see her looking to see if she could fit...omg it was a awful feeling, i felt it skim past me but thankfully it did fit. It seriously was the worse flight i could not get off that plane fast enough. And it was a HUGE reminder that the time of fun is over .... time to knuckle down with my eating and exercise. I really am hoping my sunburn is improved a bit tomorrow...i feel like a invalid at the moment LOL and a shower is a nitemare :(

So I finished Khloe Kardashians book and now i am reading a book called "half-assed" which i am finding a VERY easy read (about a weight loss journey). If you know any other good books that are inspiring or motivating whether about a weight loss journey or not....please let me know!

Tomorrow its back on track....and i think its kinda good to get back on track on a significant day....and well tomorrow is my birthday so to me it seems like the perfect gift. I would like to lose 25 kilos in the next 12 months which would put me under 100 kilos...it also equates to less then 500 grams a week to lose on average which is definitely do-able. So yay happy birthday to me :)

For anyone interested....i will be eating 1800 calories (my macros initially will be protein - 180, carbs - 135 and fat 60) with 60-90 minutes of exercise 5 days a week with one cheat meal per week...thats the plan....nothing overly complicated!

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