Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy birthday to me :)

So yep it was my birthday. Initially my plan was to do pump and balance today...but the sunburn was too sore....even hurt just walking (on my thighs) but its much better this evening. The sunburn on my foot is starting to itch so i am guessing it will be peeling soon (unless all the aloe helps avoid that)

So i completely stuck to my eating even tho was my birthday today. Tomorrow i am going out for a birthday get together...i will prolly have some bruschetta and lasane...ive tracked it...tracked the rest of the day...and while my protein wont be at 180 grams it will be close. As it turns out i have to fast tonight as i will hopefully be having blood tests in the wont be eating breakfast anyways which means I have a few more calories to splurge on lunch.

My plan for new years eve is going to be all about me :) Going to go out for a walk in the evening (i have done that most past new years), if i can find a bath plug (mine is lost and my foodland didnt have one but i will try coles tomorrow arvo) i will have a relaxing soak in the tub then tomorrow evening either read, colour or chill watching netflix, and then BOOM new years day, I will be back at the gym on monday (pump and balance at lunch time) and ready to start kicking some ass with this years goals...putting in 110% at the gym, being on track with my calories and macros, exercising 60-90 minutes for 5 days a week, sleeping 8 hours a night....and embracing this is a lifestyle change not a restrictive go insane in the gym diet :) I want to be more about making small changes, implementing structure and above all enjoying the journey! Oh and I also want to try a new recipe every week!

Thats about it...I did weigh in this morning...I had a gain (but this was xmas week!) so a 1.1 kilo gain, and my waist measurement had stayed the same. I think tho....that was mostly fluid as im sure my body is very, very dehydrated due to the sunburn :)

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Sean Anderson said...

Happy Birthday! Amazing plan you're assembling! Your New Years Eve sounds fabulous.