Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy new year :)

My plan was to write this post last night but I fell asleep way too early LOL

So yesterday I went out with Tania and Martine for lunch, We shared a entree of bruschetta and i had a pasta with a rose sauce with chicken and avocado. Was very good to catch up with them and just talk :)

So here is my goals....of what I want to accomplish, want to buy, want to do:

To accomplish:

  1. Lose 25 kilos
  2. Squat and deadlift between 50-65 kilos (50% of my body weight)
  3. Be able to do low pushups
  4. Build up to 17.5 kilos on each end of body pump bar for squats, 7.5 kilos on each end of pump bar for chest and back track.
  5. Run 5km (I may not get small enough to do this one)

Want to buy:

  1. Gold necklace with a charm of significance
  2. Winter trench coat and winter parka
  3. Winter boots
  4. Make up
  5. New dinner set/cutlery/saucepan set
  6. Thermamix (maybe)
  7. Gold ring

Want to do:

  1. Find the perfume that is "me"
  2. Go see a movie or a live performance once a month
  3. Read more
  4. Colour
  5. Look at getting back into cross stitch
  6. Start running again/try park run
  7. Do more things that make me happy
  8. Spend more time with friends who are on this journey with me and also expand my social life
  9. Put in 100% at the gym

I am very aware that the best way (for me anyways) to have a good headspace for this journey, is to acknowledge all the good in my life, look around and see all the things i could be doing (last year i was definitely in a rut of work, computer at night, sleep)...I really want to embrace all my hobbies, goodtimes, friends....I think by doing that and being happy (which I honestly feel at the moment...I am very aware of how blessed and grateful i am) when we feel better about our life....when we are productive, proactive, grateful....the more likely we are to be successful at this weight loss gig.

Because it is the first day of the year, I will update the weight :) Prior to xmas (21/12) i was 122.7 when I got home and weighed on my birthday (30/12) i was 123.8 and today (1/1) i was 122.5 its all moving in the right direction :) Official weigh in day will be wednesday when ill check my waist measurement too (was 102cms on 30/12)

Have a great day all :)


#fatfreefloozy said...

Happy New Year gorgeous girl!!! Love your New Year's status. So perfectly positive and achievable. I hope this year is a fantastic one for you and that all your dreams grow wings and fly!

Anonymous said...

OMG I just realised who the heck you are!!! LOL How are you doing lovely??