Saturday, January 02, 2016

How to lose weight....

So I thought I would details my plan...things that I feel works....and has worked for me in the past.....on how to lose weight...the Kazz way ;) Keep in mind there are plenty of ways to lose weight....this is simply what works for me. So here we go.....


This is a very general rule. If you are over 100 kilos eat 1800 calories....if you are under 100 kilos eat 1500 this for 2 weeks....then see how the losses are going....if you are losing too rapidly add 100 calories....if you are not losing deduct 100 calories (and keep doing this weekly till you get your losses at the right pace...aim to lose 500 grams to 1 kilo per week)

Eat clean/unprocessed foods

Limit your grains in the evenings.

Calorie cycle (I am not doing this currently but for my body I swear by it)


This will be different for everyone. Walking is a good place to start. If you have been exercising for a while....aim to incorporate cardio, strength training and flexibility work.

For myself the aim will be 5 days of cardio per week - at least 2 days of strength train and 1-2 days of flexibility work (pilattes, body balance, yoga)

For myself personally this year I will be aiming to do a mix of group fitness classes : boxing, body pump, body balance, pilates, TTT, zumba and my gym is introducing metafit and HIIT classes which i will hopefully have the guts to attend LOL


Dont underestimate....get the appropriate sleep. Not just enough to get by but how much your body feels best at. For me that 7.5-8 hours. So i try and make sure I am trying to get to sleep at least 8 hours before my alarm will go off.


Its important to give urself some you time and relax. Whether its reading, painting, playing computer games, whatever....some downtime to just relax is very healthy for you


This is something fiona use to tell me. When i enjoyed the journey (ie at the gym, enjoying it, cooking and experimenting with recipes) i always did so much better then when i tried to force it. Find some clean recipes....and try and cook (and trust me im no great cook!)....when we do that we feel proud, we feel like we are accomplishing, these things make us feel confident and happy....and thats how we need to feel to be successful :)

So thats it....thats the keys that work for me!

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