Saturday, January 02, 2016

Being Grateful

Our headspace is integral to our weight loss.

I remember when I was quite small I often posted that i had a "inner happiness" it wasnt that I was happy about any one specific thing, i just felt very calm and happy with my life. And i think this is a really important part of weight loss.

When we are in a negative headspace, hating the world, being down on not only the world but ourselves is it likely that we are going to do the work that weight loss takes? I dont think so.

And dont get me wrong, cos i think this is very common in obese people, and who can blame us. The world can seem shitty. And it can feel like all our problems are because we are overweight. But here is the kicker, the only way we can move past this is to change our attitude (Sorry people its true! Only WE have the ability to change OUR lives)

This weight loss gig when you have 50 kilos, 100 kilos or more to lose can just seem plain daunting and too hard can't it? When in reality we all know it is a case of eating less and moving more, but we also know a integral part of it all is what goes on between our ears.

One of the first ways I believe we can do this is to start to be grateful, and not just say "I am grateful". But actively considering and thinking about it everyday. If I was to list the things I am grateful even tho I have been in a negative headspace the last few years, I could say I am grateful for:

  • my job
  • my home
  • my supportive weight loss friends
  • my sister and her family
  • my financial ability to pay for gym membership and PTs
  • my computer and ipad that allows me to put time into my weight loss journey
  • my love of nutrition and researching it
  • my supportive gym
  • that there are places in adelaide (torrens river, semaphore beach, mawson lakes) that allow me to go walking and see animals
  • that i have wardrobes full of Lorna Jane, Running bare and russell athletic clothes in every size from XS to XL
  • the fun, crazy environment I work in
  • my proactive, slightly competive nature
  • the opportunities that will exist
  • all the books I have on my ipad waiting for me to read!
So as you can see....when we start to think about it there are things we can be grateful for. It doesnt matter if you have one thing on your list or 27 million. As long as you can go I am grateful for such and such, and think about it seriously it is going to make you feel better about your life. Doesnt matter if you are grateful for your cat....or the flowers that are in bloom....put your mind to it we can all be grateful for ONE thing.

If this is something you really struggle with you can buy "grateful journals", in australia places like kikki.k sell them. Buy one and aim to identify one thing everyday that you are grateful for.

Once you start to become aware on a daily basis of the things you have to be grateful for you will hopefully become happier. It doesnt mean you will never have sad or unhappy moments....but when you do you know what you do? You pull out your grateful journey and read it...reflecting on the things you were grateful for.

Once you are grateful and happier what will be a by product of this (hopefully) is you will become more proactive. Cos a happy person wants the best out of their life dont they? They just want it to be better....and by better....I mean whatever the definition of "better" is to you. For me it means working on my body and mind and just being happier.

This is by no means a blue print of how things will work for everyone. This is how I feel my mind works....I have been thinking a lot about how grateful I am lately, and how good a place I am currently in and felt it was important to write it all down, and maybe it would even help someone.

Most of nice to yourself!

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#fatfreefloozy said...

I just talked about this exact thing on my site, negative thoughts/people that bring you down, but I didn't relate it to weight loss like you did! But, it's so true!!!! I love this grateful post and I love all the things you area grateful for! My friend is doing a #365 day grateful Facebook challenge and the things she is grateful for are so precious! I love reading them every day.