Monday, January 04, 2016

End of holidays

So thats holidays are over....back to work tomorrow :(

Cannot say i am looking forward to 5.30am alarms or 8 hours of working LOL....but i am looking forward to getting my routine back.

Since I got back from streaky....ive had good and not so good days. I have no idea what I weigh currently...prolly 124 kilos or so? But i will weigh in tomorrow i took some current/before pics board shorts and a crop hiding absolutely nothing and they are NOT a good look!

My food coach has had me on 1800 calories, 180 grams of protein (which I really struggle to eat) and a cheat meal on saturday nights. I understand the thinking of a cheat meal, and the psychological benefits, but as a food addict i dont think having a "calorie free" meal is a good idea for me, I also suspect 1800 calories may be too high. What has always worked in the past for me was calorie cycling. The thing is ive never calorie cycled with 1800 calories cos i feel the "high days" are going to end up too high calories....which as a food addict is not ideal. My plan is 80% clean eating and eating to a lifestyle i can chicken and brocolli for lunch wont be part of my plan as there is  no way i can keep that up for the rest of my life (i feel my calories should be down towards 1500 calories...but will leave at 1800 for the moment)

So I felt a few rules are needed :)

-No baking (it just puts temptation in front of me)
-Limit pasta to once a week/or 1 yiros per week
-Eat 1-2 pieces of fruit per day
-Protein and vegies for dinner
-2 litres of water per day
-no hungry jacks, kfc or maccas (i dont tend to go to them these days anyways)

My goal by January 31 regardless how much I weigh in the morning is to get under the 120's and then after that to aim for 2.5 kilos per month. Going by the I could be in or very close to being in my XL LJ motivational tanks by June :)

Tomorrow as well as being back at work, I start with my new trainer....ive not had a lot of success with trainers over the last 18 months or hopefully this all works well!

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#fatfreefloozy said...

You got this girl! Maybe your "cheat" day could be a healthy bowl of pasta/yiros so it feels like something really special but also something that would have been part of your diet anyhow. Geez Louise! I wish I had your skinny ankles!!!!!!!