Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Update :)

So... the latest is i am back doing WW.

I saw their "connect" part of the app mentioned on fb yesterday and so had a look and think its brilliant, if you remember my initial reason for going to WW was cos i wanted the support...but i felt that was lacking....well the "connect" part of the app made up for that :)

So i weighed in this morning...125.2 kilos. Did my ww assessment...42 weekly points and 42 daily points (my plan is to save my points for saturday night dinner to have a "cheat meal"

The other news is i did my first PT session with my new trainer Beck. Let me say,,,,,,went soooooooooooo well!! We sat down and talked about my goals....which were obviously weight loss, balance, mobility/movement. I explained how i use to do body combat then i started falling in the class .... so thats a goal to get my confidence back up to get in that class, to get me doing low pushups, to be able to move from a sitting to standing position better (due to being 173 kilos previously ive taught myself to do that via momentum instead of using my muscles correctly) and i also told her a ultimate goal is to get back to running. She said functional training is what she does and by us focusing on making me stronger, my balance, mobility, getting back to running etc the weight loss will come as a by product. Which is the way Fiona used to yes her training and the way she talked about training reminded me a LOT of Fiona....which just made me day! In the session we did some bench squats (sit on a bench and then have to stand up) which is one of my key issues...we focused a lot on me switching on the correct muscles etc....and it was hard LOL but the noticeable thing was every time i didnt think about switching on my core, squeezing my glutes, push thru my heels i couldnt do it...thought about it...and i wasnt easy but would manage to do it.

We then did some pushups against the smith machine, she explained when i am doing it i am raising my shoulders which will stop me from going lower. So we focused a lot on my was still hard...i still didnt go low...but at least i am working on good form :)

We then also did a balance exercise which was hard! LOL

And altho I didnt do bloody sore today! LOL...sore quads, butt and back!


Tranquility road said...

Yay for the great PT
i never even thought that when I stand up I use momentum instead of muscle what a light bulb moment for me

Are you going to WW classes or just on line ?
You will do great things with WW

Nat said...


My initial trainer focused almost solely on form for the first 12 months. Annoyed the heck out of me at the top. Most amazing investment ever in hindsight. Haven't had a serious injury from the gym in the 3 years I've been going and have great form and function.

Good luck with the new trainer. Connecting with them is important.


#fatfreefloozy said...

I am so glad that you have found a match for your food and training that is perfect for you! I think that is half the battle!

Anonymous said...

Kathy - I am doing it online. Come february I will go back to weighing in with Lauren at the gym. There is no ww meeting at a good location for me....and takes up a chunk of a night....where i can weigh in at the gym and still get a work out in :)