Friday, January 08, 2016

The end of the week :)

Exercise this week improved :) I went from having done none for weeks to doing some ! LOL

Tuesday I did a PT session....Thursday I did body pump and a PT session (double PT session), tomorrow i am planning to do pump or balance depending on my levels of soreness and 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Next week will exercise plan will look like this:

monday : 30-45 minutes on treadmill and body balance
tuesday : 30-45 minutes on treadmill and PT session
wednesday : zumba
thursday :  Rest day
friday : Rest day
saturday : pump or balance and 30 minutes treadmill
sunday : rest day

So as you can see its slowly building things up.

Things are going really well with my trainer and I can see me making progress with her as a trainer.

Foodwise I feel I need to get tough! I really have to cleanse up the diet. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with treats...I seem to be more about treats!! LOL So i just need to simplify things for a period of time. The first is cleaning out my fridge and cupboards (one of tomorrows jobs) and aim towards eating VERY minimal processed foods. The only time I am going to allow myself is quest bar is if I work out in the mornings (which is usually only once a week). No buying food out and about. No taking money or cards with me that I can willy nilly draw money out for. BUT if i have social plans then i can slightly treat myself. I will still always aim for protein, some fat and good carbs. But may divulge with a entree or small dessert (that said I dont go out for meals that often!) And the other thing....cos giving up diet coke completely wont happen for me ive made the agreement with my brain....i can drink diet coke when at home or out for a meal...but its not on at work. It just costs too much plus isnt damn good for me!

I am not saying these changes will have the scales moving any faster ..... but will hopefully get the body shape transforming. Really scale wise my only focus at the moment is to be under 120 kilos by January 31 (I was 124.8 kilos this its dropping but slowly)

But I also dont know what the scales will do over the next few days as i have my cycle and am bloated so know i am retaining fluid.

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