Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weigh in day and other things :)

Been a bit slack on the blog posting!

Today was weigh in full week on weight watchers Smart Points and I lost 3.7 kilos :) And I did my waist measurements they were down 5 centimetres.

Last saturday i went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the treadmill and 60 minute pump class. Sunday morning I woke up with pain in my lower shin (so bad I had to take painkillers) I have never had that pain before. Spoke to my trainer last night about it she thinks its from tight gave me a few preventative things to do (basically rolling and some massage) The pain is a lot better now altho still tender to touch.

So i ended up resting sunday and monday to give my shin a break. Now its pretty pain free. Last night I did a lil warm up on the treadmill then had PT. We did the bench squats again...they do seem to be improving....then we did this balance exercise...turns out we are working that up to proper forward lunges....but progressing slowly to get form and balance correct and then we did some pushups against the smith machine again we are working on this slowly to try and get me to a point to of being able to do them low.

Obviously my food is going pretty good since I lost. My daily points dropped to 41 as of today. And i am going out for dinner tonight and saturday night so thats where my weekly points will be going!

Oh I discoverrred the supplement store across the road from the gym sells "core power foods" so prepared foods...all with grains (sweet potato, brown rice, basamati rice and sweet potato) and high protein...going to go have a look at them....check out the sodium and sugars and how many points they turn out to be. While they are $9.95 a meal...having the correct balance and the time they will save (since i live alone) they may be a worthwhile investment.

Right! Breaks over, back to work!

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Heartbeatoz said...

That's a wonderful loss and those Core Power Foods are great if you live alone no wastage of Food and you are getting all the correct Nutrients cheaper than a coffee and cake :)