Friday, January 15, 2016

PCOS and taking a more overall approach to my health....

So weight watchers is still not sitting really well with me.

The reason being is it doesnt differentiate between good and bad fats...natural sugars and processed sugars. One example is coconut oil...i have been looking into coconut oil to help with my PCOS (ill discuss more about this further in the post) but one tablespoon of coconut oil is 10 points! I am on 41 points a day and thats 25% of my daily allowance...where as it is actually only 120-130 calories (dependant on brand). While i get ww is basically a high protein/low sugar/low fat diet surely they are aware of the benefits of fats, for our healthy and also our satiety.

The reason I have been looking into coconut oil is to do with my PCOS. It has started to flare up especially over the last 2 months. My skin is not as smooth/clear as it once was and my cycle has started to get a lot more erratic. In december it was awful....cramps for 2 weeks leading up to it and very heavy then this cramping at all and it didnt even last 3 days! Now it could be im getting close to menopause...but to me this just seems like my PCOS. When my PCOS was at its worse i would either go for months without a cycle or "heamorage like" and i dont want either of those situations really. Also when i was smaller i was on a 28 day cycle...i was like clock work now its prolly closer to a 33-35 day cycle. Its not that i love having my cycle LOL but it is very indicative of how healthy my body is internally.

So i have started to research it cos i want to deal with it naturally. And firstly i know the clean eating, cutting out processed foods is the first thing. I have been doing a lot better with this lately (and personally i think thats more important then just eating "low point foods")

The next is I just want to add magnesium and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to my diet per day. The magnesium is suppose to be good with PCOS and also to help with my muscle recovery (i am also planning to look into BCAAs to help with this) and the coconut oil not only for the PCOS but im also hopeful it will help my joints to a degree as well.

I am planning to mix the coconut oil with my oats in the oats, protein powder, coconut oil and water.

The other thing i discoverred is about 6-9 months ago i cut out milk cos i suspected it was giving me blocked ears (i still eat cheese and yoghurt) and the blocked ears stopped, twice this week i had milk and guess what? yep blocked ears....since i stopped having the milk again over the last 2 days no blocked ears again...back to no milk!


Magpie said...

Does the propoints programme suit you better. I visited my Doctor yesterday and she was very Unimpressed when I told her about WW smart points. I am not doing Smart points I don't like it I think they have messed up really with some of the points values.

Anonymous said...

I think it works great for some people, remembering what works for one doesnt mean it will work for another. I have one friend who has struggled to lose weight and getting solid losses on smart points for her it works brilliantly. For me i did lose a large number for week 1....but.....especially cos of my PCOS and the fact it appears to be worsening (erratic cycle, oily hair, acne on my face and upper chest) i need to look more at the quality of foods then the number of points it is (regardless whether its this ww program or another ww program)


Tranquility road said...

Does sound like PCOS but go and get a hormone blood test to rule out menopause

That is so weird about milk and ears... do you get congested in the nose as well or just the ears?

I was / am the same when I was much smaller I was a 28 day cycle set your watch to the time as well but as I gained more weight it stretched out 35 days was the average then at my biggest 6 years between cycles then 60 days and 50 days now I am down to 41 days so getting better .... totally a showing of internal health
I know you will work all this out

Anonymous said...

At its worse I was 7 months between cycles! I am not gonna get any blood tests yet....ill give it 4-6 weeks and see what happens.

No i dont congested in my nose....just my ears is a very weird thing...specially as i can eat all other dairy with no issue...but milk guessing something in it causes a issue that might not be in cheese etc