Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday :)

Went out to dinner last a fabulous restuarant...had 3 courses and felt no guilt cos it was clean eating food....lots of nutrients!

Yesterday i went to the supplement store. I bought a 2 kilo tub of protein powder, some BCAAs (which i will test out tomorrow), a box of quest bars and a 2.2 litre water bottle :) Actually they gave me the water bottle for free :)

Today I went to the fruit and grocery store and stocked up. So i am all ready for a good week.

I did try coconut oil in my oats and protein powder .... worked a treat :)

So im calorie cycling this week and the aim for at the gym is:

monday : 60 minutes PT
tuesday : 30 minutes PT + 45 minutes cardio
wednesday : zumba + yoga
thursday : pump (if i can make it on time) if not RPM
friday : body pump

I am working saturday so cannot get to the gym....sunday i might try and get a walk in. As i have said so many times....exercise is so key for me and I need to be exercising 5-6 days a week to make progress along with eating clean.

Also tomorrow i have the day off...and getting a body scan done...which should be interesting...moreso in 6-12 weeks to see the progress, but also for my trainer to see any imbalances in my body (right vs left side)


Sean Anderson said...

Fantastic plan, Karyn! I love the confidence I'm reading in this post. You're great!

Tranquility road said...

As I have watched you over the years I have seen the calorie cycling work best for you
I know you will work it out just what I have observed over the years with you .... it seems you are your happiest then