Monday, January 18, 2016

Body Scan

So went to the gym today.

First off I had the body scan....was interesting....while i have a LOT of fat....i have 18% more muscle then is the healthy amount for women my age, height etc. The muscle also isnt proportioned great....its mostly my upper body....this was surprising but partly prolly related to the fact about something i discussed i dont use my muscles how others do to do certain activity (like i use momentum to get up off a seat, i position myself to pick up something off the floor so i dont have to bend my knees). These are things i am working on with my trainer beck, I also want to focus on walking as my kinda go to cardio exercise at the works for my current fitness level and hopefully help with my legs building muscle. I also have on the high end the amount of water in my body....which is prolly related to the high amount of muscle.

So for transparency here is the stats:

weight : 122.4 kilos
Skeletal muscle mass : 32.1 kilos
Body fat mass : 64 kilos

Goal weight : 75.8 kilos
Visceral fat level (should be 10) : 20
Body fat percent : 52.3%


Neck : 47.7 cms
chest : 118.4 cms
Abdomon : 128.7 cms
Hip : 121.2 cms
Right arm : 45.1 cms
Left arm : 45.3 cms
Right thigh : 65 cms
Left thigh : 65.1 cms

Inbody score : 42 (was suggested i just focus on getting this over 50)

So the basics of it is....keep building muscle....especially my legs...and watch my diet and hopefully the scales will go down :) Hopefully i can get another one done in 6-8 weeks time.

I then did a hour PT session. Really struggled today...think it was possibly the heat plus for the scan (which was done right before my session) i wasnt allowed to eat or drink for 2 hours PLUS i tested out a new BCAA lol. So my body prolly rebelled a bit.

But saw progress today....been doing some step ups...last time was 3 sets of was 3 sets of 12. Also a exercise that is a rowing movement on the cable fact increased every set...think i ended up at 16.75 kilos. Thats one thing i like about my new trainer....very similar to fiona....we do a lot of the same exercises and then my trainer lets me know when im doing more in the set or a higher weight.....allows me to see the progress.

Not a lot else going on...its 37 here today so im sitting in front of the a/c watching will & grace. I have drank approx 3.7 litres of water....and dinner (chicken, roasted cherry tomatos, spinach and feta cheese) is just about ready!

Enjoy your evening all :)

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Tranquility road said...

Dinner sounds yummy
can't wait to see your progress at the next scan