Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Setting up some routines

Its 12.30am and i have to be up at 6.30am and cannot get to sleep argh...so decided to get up and write a post since I was mulling over things in my head ;)

Ive been thinking a few things...the first is "chat".....i go to a online chat program fairly regularly and really i dont think it benefits my weight loss. I remember when i did really well with my weight loss i didnt chat back then so ive decided its time to really stay out of there. We all need things to relax and have some "me" time but there are other more productive ways of doing it.

One of the things I do want to get into is vlogging on you tube. Ive been kind of put off because of poor video editing software and poor camera (ie webcam on my laptop or use my phone/ipad) but i feel this is a hobby that I can do anytime I have spare time that would be productive and beneficial to my weight loss, and add  level of accountability. So i have been looking at cameras. I will hopefully get a bonus from work in approx 3 weeks time so thinking i will spend it on a camera. So i want to buy a decent camera but not a ridiculous priced one...the one i am looking at is the canon 1200D which for what i want for a entry level camera and quality photos and videoing looks good. I am thinking about trying to play around with photography too. If that all goes well I might look in June at buying a mac so id have good video editing software (imovie)

Ive also decided that i want to go back to daily blogging here with me posting each day what my weight was on the scale for additional accountability, A couple of friends text each morning there weighs in to each other and that helps them....so since i use to do this a lot when i was successful i am hoping it will help again, since i wont be in chat at night i will have time for updating this blog daily! LOL I also want to get back into instagram more...that has slackened of late, and it was motivational so weekly weigh ins on there, foodie pics, progress pics and whatever else takes my fancy.

Also we decided to lower my calories. I still am going to calorie cycle but dropping them to 1550 calories. Im never a real fan of calorie cycling when at 1800 calories as it puts the "high" days too high. But i have sat down and figured it out...prolly the only issue i see with it is i like to have the day before weigh in as my low day (which will be 1250 calories) but with weighing on wednesdays my low day will be a tuesday which is actually a fairly active day as i have PT....but i will see how that goes....maybe ill have to raise it slightly and have a low day a different day...ill see how tomorrow goes.

I think i have also figured i have been way too focused on "79 kilos". Because i got that low....i dont think my head understands i am a LONG way from 79 kilos. Like 40+ kilos. I need to focus on just one kilo at a time. And really as i am 122.4 kilos at the moment...i should really just focus on getting under 120 kilos...then reassess, cos hey....surely i can lose 2.5 kilos eh?

Tomorrow night (which is really tonight eek!) i am planning on doing about a hour of cardio (mostly the treadmill) and then a 30 minute PT session. Maybe ill throw some stair climbing in as well but instead of going crazy ill start like i did when Fiona trained me. We started off with 3 flights and then built from there. So i might do 30 minutes on the treadmill....3 flights.....another 30 minutes or so....before PT. I use to actually like stair climbing....and maybe i should aim to do the westpac stairclimb again this year....and very, very slowly build up my stairs (no rush after all)

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Tranquility road said...

When is the westpac stair climb ... I think that would be a awesome idea

You know you can always txt me daily for accountability you have my number xx