Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Distinct lack of sleep....

So last night sleeping really didnt happen! It was bad...the street party stopped at 11pm....then at 3am trucks were here to pack up some of the street...6am they were doing sound checks. So i slept only a few hours...i got up to have a shower and was so tired i felt ill....so i didnt go into work.

I slept from 7am to 10.30am then went to the docs. Whilst there I discussed the PCOS. He suggested there is a chance my symptoms are menopause...but i am sure its the PCOS....and even if i am going thru menopause PCOS stays with you....so anyway he decided to put me on diabex. Hopefully that will help after some time with the symptoms....it can help with carb cravings and weight loss. So we will see how that goes.

As promised i did jump on the scales and i was 123.1 kilos which is a increase of 700 grams. But i have DOMs especially in my upper arms so thinking thats why. Foodwise been super good today...I made a carbonara tonight (no cream) and used zoodles (zuchini) for the pasta....was very yummy and several cups of vegies.

Due to not working today I didnt go to the gym...im tired already so hopefully i fall asleep early and catch up on sleep.

Foodwise today I ate 1290 calories (low cal day) and tomorrow i have 1550 calories which seems heaps after today! HAH! Tomorrow night i will do zumba.

Not  a lot going on...sitting down to watch will & grace before bed...enjoy your night all :)

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Tranquility road said...

Hoping the diabex doesn't give you the upset tummy while you are getting use to it (depends on dosage)
Did Dr do a blood test for hormone levels?