Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Update :)

So this morning the scales were 122.9 kilos so a slight drop from yesterday morning.

I managed to get a decent nights sleep...altho my alarm wasnt scheduled to go off till 6.30am but my skype was blowing up with messages at 5.30am. The person i had had a very on/off relationship with...i ended it completely a few days ago (for good) and blocked and deleted them on skype....they had someone else message me this morning to tell me not to message them anymore (yes really!) so freaking childish. Hopefully they wont contact me again....ive removed and blocked any mutual friends on skype...she has 3 fb accounts...i only know of 2....those 2 i have blocked her on so is always the chance she can still message me but hopefully its done for good. I really need a good 9 or so hours sleep to just catch up...planning that for hopefully asleep by 9.30pm.

It looks like i might have to have a third pest inspection (ugh)...the first one in october....the rep went to the wrong address and filled out the report incorrectly....the second one the guy who turned up (even tho he had the incorrect report) they are saying doesnt work for them (i have major concerns about this!) and now they have part left me a message saying they have spoken to my guess is they want to organise ANOTHER time for another inspection....mightily annoyed if thats the case and will be calling my land agent to give "feedback" cos its ridiculous.

Nothing else much is going on...just eating good...and catching up on sleep lol such a lazy life!

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