Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas :)

Another lazy day! LOL im so in the holiday swing...i didnt shower till 4.30pm! LOL That said ive been up and dressed since 8.30am and out at the shops and stuff.

My food coach (from fernwood) emailed me today and told me to have tomorrow off from calorie counting :) Im not too concerned...i will have some xmas pudding and will try and eat more ham, turkey and salad. If the weather is good we will go to the beach in the arvo as well altho it feels like a cool change is coming in.

As i think i mentioned yesterday my sister has a thermomix and using it a LOT so pretty much everything i am eating is home made,

Once i get home (night on 29th) i will be changing my food a lil (after advice)...breakfast will prolly become 1/4 cup of oats, tablespoon of peanut butter, and scoop of protein powder and weekends will be 50 grams bacon, 1 egg (i do love my eggs!), avocado and some vegies (spinach/mushies/tomatos) My dinner meal will change to a max of 10 grams of carbs (grains) which is how i use to eat when i lost weight slowly will start making changes. My first full day back in Adelaide i will be hitting the gym and starting my new schedule. I read a meme yesterday that said 2016 is going to be a selfish year...all about me....and i must admit for health is going to be my top priority.

My fitbit has also crapped itself! Wont sync...the time is incorrect...when i got it tho i got a extended warranty altho i am not sure where all the paperwork for it is (as i am in streaky bay i cannot currently check) but i emailed the store...they said to bring it in with id and they will replace it. They have a nice mint coloured one now so with luck i can get that. Tonight we are having fish and salad and i think us adults may be opening a bottle of champagne with fresh strawberries :) I last drank 2 years ago! LOL So i will have a glass and enjoy it!

Okies not much else going on...merry xmas all...enjoy tomorrow !

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