Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Making the best choices where I can :)

So I was up early today and at the hotel gym by 7am :) I did 15 minutes on the treadmill at a incline of 10...i then did 10 minutes at level 1 and threw in a few jogging sprints! :) Funny, no one else was in the gym and had it to myself and didnt really worry about falling. I then did some rows, LAT pull down and chest press followed by 5 minutes on the cross trainer. I burnt a total of 415 calories in 40 minutes.

We didnt have a home base today so my options werent perfect early in the day...bakers delight this morning (i had a ham & pineapple pizza which was 437 calories. Lunch we went to kfc and all i got  was a original burger (no cheese or anything) which was 440 calories and while the girls had chips I had 25 grams of flava beans which i had bought with me :)

Tonight my sister cooked a green chicken curry and rice for dinner. No processed crap in it...that was only 417 calories....and she has some home made sorbet which i will have for dessert. My aim is to stay under 1880 cals while on holidays....a lil higher today and hit 1906 cals...but considering my options i thought i did well.

I went to the shops earlier and bought oranges, apples, bananas and strawberries and greek yoghurt....so i can have some healthy snacks over the next few days.

Tomorrow is suppose to be pretty warm so im planning to go walking down the beach when i wake :) Will be a early night tonight...am sleepy....will be keen to catch up on sleep.

Oh I am reading Khloe Khardasians book "Strong looks better naked"....so good...Ill post more about it once I finish it but I am really enjoying it :)

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