Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's all good :)

One of my focuses is to be updating my journal a lot more.

I wanted to explain....regardless of any relationship/emotional dramas....for the most part i am in a very happy place :) I live a blessed life...I have a secure job, secure home life, friends, family....enough money to do all the things I choose to do.

I am in control of any choices, decisions i make and being proactive is generally i find the best way to deal with anything. The relationship thing is definitely over...a small miracle would need to happen for me to consider anything further. My focus now and for 2016 is not a relationship...its me, my health, my weight. I am investing just way too much money for it not to be the focus. Hopefully come the last half of 2017 i can start to do all the things i want....the dating, the travel etc.

So.I weighed in this morning. So here are the stats:

Weight : 124.7 kilos
Chest : 110.5cm
waist : 102cm
thigh (right) : 82cm
Hips : 156cm

My plan for tomorrow is to get into the gym and do body pump at lunch time....then home for lunch and not long after i will be heading to the airport :) Spending the night at Port Lincoln tomorrow night before we drive to Streaky Bay on tuesday.

Did go out for lunch with Tania today. So good having someone who has similar goals...time to kick some ass! :)

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