Friday, December 18, 2015

The Plan

So a bit of a overdue post. WOW where do I start?

The on again off again involvement I mentioned a few posts ago has been on again and off again some more. While I care for this person very deeply we have a fundamental difference in how we deal with issues. I am a talker and want to discuss and resolve issues....she just prefers to not discuss things or talk at all. And that is most likely going to be the downfall of anything. As i type this we are definitely OFF. And i think i just need to get thru this "hump" i need to avoid contact and "do me" and hopefully in a few weeks time it will not have the same impact it currently does.

But as this is a weight loss journal lets discuss that eh? So to answer im not sticking with weight watchers. To me the fact they dont differentiate natural sugar vs added sugar vs fake sugar i dont agree with...also i feel it is really simply a low carb way of eating and also i had no end issues with the app.

So i now have a bit of a plan. Firstly on 31/12 I am going to the doctors and organising blood tests to be done that day...going to ask for sugar, cholesterol and liver ones to be done. I will also get my doc to check my blood pressure...Ill then get them redone in 3 months ... as a additional way to track my progress.

18/1 my gym has a body scans being done so I have already booked in for a appointment for that and will hopefully get one done every 6 weeks or so.

I was going to wait till January 1 to get back on track but sunday I am suppose to be going walking with Tania down I figured since that will be a healthy start to the day I will get back on track that day! I will also do my measurements, take a photo and weigh. Ill take my tape measure with me whilst away and measure my waist 7 days later and then again December 30 i will do a official weigh in, measurements etc and then leave the weigh ins at wednesday.

I have someone coming to collect my foxtel box on monday...(foxtel hadnt sent me the details to send so some repo company is coming to collect it LOL...) but hopefully i will manage to get to pump lunchtime monday and then tuesday morning i will use the hotel gym...and then while in streaky...walking and swimming at the beach will be the activity :) I am soooooooooo ready to kick ass and make 2016 a success!

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Magpie said...

Hi Kazz, I hope that you can work through your personal life issues and be happy. On the Weight Watchers smart points, I am so disillusioned that they have restructured th program to be the way it is now. It doesn't resemble what WW was meant to be. It is basically a diet now and I think the way that some foods have become ridiculously high in points is not realistic or manageable for some people.