Sunday, December 06, 2015

The day before....

So firstly, thank you to those who privately messaged me about my last post :) Id like to say its all been calm in relation to that since LOL but id be lying ;) We have had two went not so much LOL....but that just convinces me more and more it was the right decision, just avoiding her as much as possible.

The heat has been awful here :( Ive had a moment where i was making my oats this morning and in the time it took me to get up to make them thought i would faint! UGH!

But the good news is SmartPoints starts tomorrow for me! I am super excited for that. Tomorrow morning i will weigh in, tomorrow night i am heading to the gym....the plan is body balance, 45 minutes on the treadmill and if not too hot zumba. I will then take some "starting SP" photos when I get home....I have no shorts that fit me but i will take photos in tank tops with my stomach exposed (sorry world!)

From what I think when i did a squizzy at the points early...I will be on 40 dailies....42 weeklies....and a goal of 49 weekly fitpoints. And of course knowing how my body works best I want to calorie the plan will be:

monday : 51 SPs
tuesday : 40 SPs
wednesday: 40 SPs
thursday: 51 SPs
Friday: 40 SPs
Saturday: 60 SPs
sunday : 40 SPs

So i will weigh in monday then every wednesday after that (presuming they let me change my weigh in day)

My plan is to get my protein up and also my good fats up....I remember a few years ago I was following a plan where it was high fat & protein and moderate carbs and my body shape at the time changed significantly so I will be focusing on that again. Things like avocado, olive oil, nut butters, semi dried tomatos etc. My one concern is whether I can hit the points by eating whole foods. Protein foods have significantly dropped....and lets face it 40 or 51 points is a big ask to hear. On saturdays will be fine because i go out for dinner...during the week may be more of a struggle. I really want to limit my grains to oats in the morning, and 1/2 cup rice or barley or 2 slices of bread...and avoid grains at dinner....but we will see how it goes...the annoying thing is it starts for me tomorrow and i cannot track until tomorrow!

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