Friday, December 11, 2015

WW SmartPoints vs Calorie Counting

So i am on day 5 of SmartPoints...and ill be honest...not convinced about it. I went back to ww for the community support...apart from a facebook group I dont know ive really sensed a "community". With SPs for those who dont know...they use the kilojoules as the base of the points of food....then they are lowered if high in protein and increased if high in saturated fat or sugar. An example is a xmas individual mince 23 points. I agree sugar is not good for us....but in my opinion they are lumping everything in one category. My big issue is honey. 1 tablespoon of honey is 6 points! Honey is a natural sugar, and if you use manuka honey incredibly good for you. I actually ate honey every day I lost really struggle with this. I just dont think its correct to put honey in the same category as all other types of sugars. To give a comparison...a tablespoon of honey weighs about 15 grams and that is 6 points....12 grams of cadbury chocolate is 3 points.............
 My other issue if you look at the ww page is they tell you to keep your sodium under 2300mg (which is very sound advice) but how can you track that with weight watchers apps?

When i think about calories it does seem simpler to me...non confusing...i can guage my protein, fat and carb content...i can monitor sodium. I feel like I am going to go back to calorie counting...but im resisting just yet cos im paying for weight watchers. I also HATE the weekly points ... just give us a number and let us stick to it...anyway thats my opinion!

I must say tho soooooooooooo glad i have the weight watcher scales and i do love the weight watchers cookbook but I most likely will revert back to counting calories.

That said i know some people are having GREAT success on it! Like i said still unconvinced.

Ive been going back thru my journal .... from the beginning...and im realising im not that far off where I was. I think for a long time ive felt its not "essential" i get back on track. Reading the early days off my journal....the ankle and knee pain...the fluid retention in my feet and calves...I really need to get back on track tomorrow.... and permanantly. One of the things i did notice when i was doing well with my weight loss in the beginning was i focussed on non food goal rewards...and they were all things for "me" to help me feel better about my presentation etc...i created a list last night:

eyelash extensions
winter boots (like cowgirl ones!)
make up

I also think i need to "do more"...there are so many things i want to do .... but i dont cos i dont wanna go alone. Movies, live theatre, expos, displays....whatever...I might set a goal for next year to do one thing per month by myself.

Okies thats enuff for today :)

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