Monday, November 19, 2007

Well I am back and my stomach seems on the improve. I got up and did dishes yesterday and that gave me quite a bit of pain. But today the pain is less so it must be improving...eating healthy is prolly helping too. Tomorrow and wednesday are my days off. Thankfully...its going to be 27 tomorrow instead of the mp3 player is gonna be switched on and i am going to walk around to mums and hang out with her for a bit. The rest of my two days off not a lot of planned besides the norm, washing, cleaning etc. I always wanna finish packing another couple of boxes.

Ive been eating healthy the last few days altho not counting points or watching my portion size...specially at dinner time. So thats todays challenge...which should be quite easy considering im working till 10.30pm tonite so will be taking a ww meal to work.

So far the scales have only budged a couple of hundred grams but its only been two days so I cant really complain.

Oh sunday is the feast picnic ! So looking forward to this. Its the gay and lesbian final event for feast...and ive never been to it before but heard non stop talk about it. So will be meeting up with felicity and her friend tan for that...should be fun.

Not a whole lot else to say...except...thanks for popping by =]

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