Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Well the decision has been made! Back to ww next week. Ive stuffed around for months...its time to get serious and make my weight loss a priority again. Its seriously really time to focus on "me" and i think ever since shortly before I got sick that priority has been lost. I would so love to lose 20 or so kilos by next xmas so that is the aim by xmas 2008 to be down to around 120 kilos...the other aim is to get a gf in that time ! And if not a actual least a couple of dates...which means its time to get out there a bit more. Funny how when im not focussed on my weight loss i start to become a hermit again...but not more. So thats the extent of my post...not a long one as its early to bed for me tonite...7.30am start for me tomorrow ! ni ni !

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