Friday, November 16, 2007

Well..i weighed in...141.5 kilos so a gain of 3.2 kilos after 6-8 weeks of chit eating..which is not too bad really. i actually thought id be around 145 kilos...and was just praying to be under 145 ... so all is good. I woke today with more stomach pain...i went did the grocery shopping early but was feeling i called in sick and went to the docs thinking it was the gall bladder thing again. Anyway he thinks its actually a ulcer that gets inflamed from taking nurofen. And before when id had the attacks i had taken nurofen in the week before due to a severe things are starting to make sense now. Gawd i started this post yesterday(saturday) and never finished it. Anyway all else is good ... survived first day back on track - now onto day 2 - enjoy all

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Anonymous said...

hey! thats not too bad - your metabolism must be working overtime!