Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm back !!! Gawd im so ready to get back on track. And its been so long since I have updated - to be honest i was tired of writing in my journal...it was feeling like a chore and so in some ways i feel i needed a break. A lot of things felt on top of me but now the refocus is getting back on me :)

I have just started packing my house up ! OMG what a chore - and there is only one of me. I will be looking for a place first week in december but once i find a place i wanna move in pretty quickly. So yesterday I started packing...I am on to box 3 and over it all already LOL but it will be worth it once I have moved.

Work has been going good - in fact I have won 3 awards at work in the last 4 weeks - wooo hooo yay me !

Friday I am completely back on track...i will weigh in (i expect to be back around 145 kilos) and get the focus back...its kinda hard to do it whilst I am packing...and I had planned to wait till i moved...but i have had some strange sensations in my upper stomach in the last week or so which worries me its the gall bladder so i need to get back on track - i will be back on friday to update !

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