Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday November 24

Well i "unofficially" hit 45 kilos today - ME!!! 45 kilos holy hell...feels like I am talking about someone else. But quite obviously the cutting back on carbs is definitely working. I am not being ridiculous about it...today i am having 2 carb meals...breakfast & lunch but thats it. So now i am resetting my goal for next mondays weigh in! I wanna go under 125 kilos...i wanna bust my ass and by xmas day try to not only reach my 50 kilos lost but also be under 120 kilos...that would make me so damn happy ! and would mean in 12 months i lost in excess of 31.8 kilos...so we will see how i go. Its all very exciting tho...by 100 grams i have less then 50 kilos to lose now....another 2 kilos i am at the half way mark of this journey...and i have now lost over 25% of my initial body weight...hell something is going right eh?

Tonite i am planning to do body step...i spoke to fiona about it last nite...said i was concerned about the cardio factor of it...she was like u are fitter then you realise i dont think that will be a issue...but cos of ur knee...use one step only and i am only to do the steps at "single time" not "double time" so we will see how i go. Last nite we did the final week of the current program and when doing the chest press and LAT pull down she kept saying...oh you are hardcore lol...she reckons only 3 others she know about at the gym do the same weight as me on the LAT pull down -rawr-

Only tomorrow then 5 days off...YAY friggin YAY ! i cannot wait...i am completely over work this week LOL

Okies this girl with the 45 kilos lost is off to do some work ! lol


LellyJ said...

Congratulations Kaz! What a milestone! You must be feeling fab . . . looking forward to hearing about you reaching your Christmas goals.

Tania said...

Enjoy your 5 days off!

Congrats again on the 45kgs lost, there's some big milestones there coming your way - and you're in the right frame of mind to achieve them all - well done.

Mad Woman said...

You're doing great! Congrats on such an amazing amount lost. That's fantastic. Hopefully someday I'll be saying the same things you are. In the mean time, I'll live through you.

(found you through the ww boards)

cynsbabe said...

Hi there,
Have just been reading through some of your posts from right back when yuo started and wow what can I say? You are a freakn legend girl! You are such an inspiration to me (and I know to so many others too). I've been posting on the WW boards and keeping track of you there. 45kg is truly sensational! You must be so proud of yourself. I've been struggling a bit this past week but feeling back on board now and reading your blog has certainly helped. To see where yuo have come from and where you are now is phenomonal!!! Keep up the great work Kazz.