Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday November 25

I am nearly on five days off ! YAY! i have like 2 hours to go and i am soooooooooooooo looking forward to it. Tonite i am gymming it ... gonna do 30 minutes of of the interval training then the body balance class. Different instructor tonite so will be interesting to see the difference.

Tomorrow morning i have to go for a blood test for them to check the blood count and iron levels. Then off to the gym for PT and then lunch time i am meeting mum for a really nice day planned.

On monday nite i was at the bus stop sitting on the seat which faces a window which i could see my reflection in...and i was amazed at how small i look across the shoulders...they look COMPLETELY normal! Now rest of the body is another story but wow i was pretty impressed and couldnt stop looking at myself ! LOL i noticed my wrists are thinner now too...theyve always been pretty slim but previously if i tried to put my thumb and lil finger around them they couldnt quite they overlap ! freaking hell ! I love this...its like all of a sudden lots of realisations of how far i have come and i LOVE IT

I also must say a huge thank you for all the comments...they truly give me such a buzz...whilst we dont need other peoples acceptance or feedback its still bloody damn nice ! haha ! Okies nearly time to go home...time for me to go nag Ryan to play some miley cyrus on our ride home haha enjoy all !

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Mad Woman said...

You're doing great!! Keep it up!