Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday November 26

I had every intention of going to the gym last nite and doing body balance, i walked out of work and the minute i did i got a headache...needless to say i didnt the back of my mind i wonder if the headache is related to the class. When i was a kid i would stress about stuff...but i never was overly conscious i would would lead to headaches, fainting and even its possible we will have to wait and see. The issue is if thats the case i dont understand why i am so friggin scared of them. ANYWAY today i had PT...and during PT we were doing boxing and fiona is like...when ur on holidays u can come to my kickboxing like your taking a class? Shes like yeh and tells me the time...and then says we will work on some of the moves in the class so u can come in and do the guessing she wants me to do the class...whilst i havent told her about the headache she knew i was intending to do the class and may have checked on the computer this morning to see if i came to the gym or not. Maybe i just need to suck it up for a few weeks and keep making myself go...cos yanno the cardio machines get boring...and doing a hour of them a day is boring so i need to either throw myself into the cardio machines or get over this "class phobia"

I went to meet mum for lunch today...had a yummi meal of veal scallopini and some garlic bread lol oopsie! Was very delish tho...and in the process scored me some sunurn! On my shoulders and back...i came home fell asleep (very unlike me during the day) reached up to scratch my back and owsie...bloomin hurt...i am rather the moisturiser is being worked out overtime today.

OH and so im in PT and i had put a link to a jillian article on facebook and fiona is like oh i read that article...and i may have mentioned that Jillian is awesome LOL and fiona was like out of all the circus out of the biggest loser...if what you get out of it is using her as a role model i think its good...everything about her is logical...which then led to a bit of chit chat about her latest book that i am reading. I can see after reading this book i will change some things...its amazing the info in it...its all on hormones and how they affect our metabolism and also how chemicals, growth hormones etc affect it too...very full on book to read but definitely helpful i really think "clean living" is the way to go.

Okies with that i am off to sleep...have a good day tomorrow all !


Martine said...

If it is any consolation my body balance class, the one and only one I did scared the crap out of me. I am going to face it again next week. I have no doubt you will get over this fear. Martine

Mad Woman said...

I'm scared to take part in any classes. All those thin people...and me? HA! Good for you for even getting to the gym!